Art Advisors Directory

Art Advisors Directory by Menuez Creative Consulting, is a curated list of industry top leading art advisors, buyers and curators.

Regina Deluise

I am so grateful to have the Art Advisory Directory in my back pocket. Here I have found an extraordinarily deep compilation of people who need to find the work of committed artists. Even after decades of an engaged practice, AAD has extended my reach and become an invaluable resource.  This masterful list represents years of promotional, sales, art making and collaborative experience. Ben and Stephanie, successful themselves, have pulled out all the stops to make it easier for art professionals to come together.
I find the Art Advisory Directory to be a true labor of love. It is an ideal resource for both emerging and established artists who want to engage the contemporary marketplace.
-Regina Deluise


Julie Karabenick

In an era when most artists must devote ever-increasing amounts of time to self-promotion and outreach, Art Advisors Directory provides a much needed  resource to help carry out these tasks more effectively and wisely.
It’s so nice not to have to start at scratch with every effort to bring a wider audience to one's art and to save more precious time for studio work—where we’d all rather be! 
-Julie Karabenick

Karl Petzke

The Art Advisors Directory has become an invaluable part of my continued outreach. Their circle of well-curated professionals within the arts community help emerging and established artists build relationships with individuals, corporate art managers, galleries, public and private collectors and more. ADD provides a singular opportunity. One that leverages years of expertise, they serve as a touchstone to develop and deepen your work and have opened up their personal and professional networks so you can grow. I'm am excited to continue collaborating with Stephanie and Ben and the ADD community.
-Karl Petzke

Shawn Frederick

After decades of searching for this type of business resource, AAD has now become an invaluable tool for us to use to reach out to the art community.  The AAD list clearly represents many years of  a collaborative experience.  Ben and Stephanie have masterfully created an environment where all artists/agents/advisors/consultants/buyers/galleries/etc, can all come together and share.  The Art Advisors Directory is definitely a labor of love and is an ideal resource for both emerging and established artists who want to engage the contemporary art marketplace. 

-Shawn Frederick