Art Advisors Directory

Art Advisors Directory by Menuez Creative Consulting, is a curated list of industry top leading art advisors, buyers and curators.


     The Lauves Studio-Cezanne's Studio | Aix en Provence

    The Lauves Studio-Cezanne's Studio | Aix en Provence


    So how do you get your artwork exposed to the right people who can help you make greater sales to a wide range of corporations and art collectors?

    Our curated Art Advisors Directory is comprised of industry leading art advisors, art brokers, fine art buyers, art consultants and art curators -the main key players who advise corporations as well as private and public collectors on what art to invest in. The directory is for established and emerging visual artists to use as a tool to market their artwork DIRECTLY to these key contacts. This is a 'buy it, own it, use it' Directory, not a subscription database.

    is the road unclear?

    Our Directory provides a tool to help make marketing your artwork and landing sales easier -while also developing new and beneficial connections in the art world. We've put in the time and years in the creative fields, made the connections, researched who does what and who is who in the industry of art.  Our Directory can help you jump-start or broaden your networking efforts and art sales nationally and globally.

    In addition to our Art Advisors Directory we are offering a Quick Guide: How to Market Your Artwork.  The Directory includes all the contact info needed to use this list and connect with the Art Advisors like their Social Media Identities/Linkedin, Instagram Facebook and Twitter -as well as all phone numbers, Email and Mailing Addresses

     UNTITLED | ben luna

    UNTITLED | ben luna

     Ben Luna and Stephanie Menuez

    Ben Luna and Stephanie Menuez

    We make it simple

    People love a personal connection.

    The best way to network and market your artwork is by developing, nurturing and maintaining positive relationships with key decision makers in the industry.

    Our directory includes the most influential art advisors/brokers in the art world today who:

    • Place and sell art in different markets, including private collections, corporations, the hospitality, interior design, healthcare and education industries, public spaces and museums
    • Add value and prestige to artists and their work
    • Create sales volume
    • Curate art shows