Art Advisors Directory

Art Advisors Directory by Menuez Creative Consulting, is a curated list of industry top leading art advisors, buyers and curators.


    The Lauves Studio-Cezanne's Studio | Aix en Provence

    The Lauves Studio-Cezanne's Studio | Aix en Provence

    what is an art advisor?

    An art advisor is the main key player who advises corporations, gallerists as well as private and public collectors on what art to invest in . An art advisor is a connoisseur—well versed in the world of art, both past and present, possessing the necessary skills to evaluate a work, attribute its authorship, determine its authenticity, and give a judgment of its quality. An art advisor usually has a professional background that includes work in a gallery or a museum, or a previous position in art management. But whatever the path, the right art advisor is a knowledgeable expert who has had the time to develop a good eye for good art.

    With thousands of galleries in the US alone, over 270 art fairs taking place yearly around the globe, new artistic talent emerging in the art market and the work of the top artists difficult to access, how art collectors start their quest to collecting? One reliable option: they get a knowledgeable art advisor to help.




    is the road unclear?

    As an artist, your primary concern is the production of art that speaks to your creative drives and allows you to retain your artistic integrity.

    However, any successful artist needs to understand where their art fits in the marketplace in order to continue to produce the art they love. An artist cannot live on creativity alone, and in order to earn money as well as respect, all artists need to find a market for their artwork or risk losing out on a succesful career. This is where the guidance and mentorship of an art advisor can prove extremely beneficial.


    UNTITLED | ben luna

    UNTITLED | ben luna

    Ben Luna and Stephanie Menuez

    Ben Luna and Stephanie Menuez

    We make it simple

    People love a personal connection.

    The best way to network and market your artwork is by developing, nurturing and maintaining positive relationships with key decision makers in the industry.

    Our directory includes the most influential art advisors/brokers in the art world today who:

    • Place and sell art in different markets, including private collections, corporations, the hospitality, interior design, healthcare and education industries, public spaces and museums
    • Add value and prestige to artists and their work
    • Create sales volume
    • Curate art shows